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Drummer Richie Paradise and sax player Richard Thomas combined a shared love of classic swing big band music to put together a new big band based at the Cube Cinema using the soya yoghurt dregs (as opposed to the cream) of the Bristol Jazz scene. The first rehearsal took place in May 2010 and included a disproportionate multiplicity of Richards, hence "Big R Big Band". Set lists include renditions of classics by the likes of Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Buddy Rich, plus a motley collection of others..

Current Members

Geoff WoodwardTrumpet
Richard MatthewsTrumpet
Matt BirdTrumpet
Ben HaslamTrumpet
Sav PaciniTrombone
Louis KoonjeanTrombone
Pete Campion-SpallTrombone
Joe BradfordTrombone
Will HolleyBass Trombone
Gustave SavyAlto Sax, Baritone Sax
Lisa TolfreeAlto Sax
Dom SelfAlto Sax
Richard ThomasTenor Sax
Rich TolfreeTenor Sax
Dave PerryBaritone Sax, Clarinet
Matt DaleyPiano
Caitlin CallahanString Bass
Richie ParadiseDrums

Former Members & Featured Musicians

Yi Vei KokTrumpet
Richard BarkerAlto Sax
Rachel KerryPiano
Chris HalesPiano
Joe AllenString Bass
Mike WallaceGuitar
Simon GreeningAlto Sax
Evan DawsonAlto / Tenor Sax
Chris JonesTrumpet
Bob ChapmanBass Trombone
Dave SmallwoodTrombone
Petra McKayTenor Sax / Flute
Mike RoseTrumpet
Tom FenechTrumpet
Patrick LansleyTrumpet
Elly NashatAlto Sax
Dave AtkinsonString Bass
Hannah BoxallTrumpet

Previous Gigs

17/08/19Tetbury Goods Shed
21/07/19Harbourside Festival, The Louisiana 5pm
06/07/19Jazz in the Paddock 5 Winscombe
23/06/19Oxford Lindy Exchange
08/06/19Leicester Leaps In, Leicester
25/05/19Jumpin' at The Woodside 2, Glos
21/04/19Bristol Circus & Swing Festival
01/04/19Bristol Swing Festival
13/02/19The Canteen, Bristol
29/12/18New Year Swing Celebration
16/12/18Swindown Swingout
15/09/18Bristol Swing Exchange
07/07/18Jazz in the Paddock 4, Winscombe
17/06/18The Gaiety Bar, Southsea
02/06/18Vintage Nostalgia Festival, Wiltshire
20/05/18Southbank Club, Bristol
07/04/18Oxford, the Roaring 20's
17/12/17MECA, Swindon
05/10/17The Canteen
09/09/17Bristol Swing Exchange 'Battle of the Big Bands'
23/07/17Bristol Harbourside Festival
08/07/17Jazz in the Paddock 3, Winscombe
04/06/17Vintage Nostalgia Festival (Facebook)
16/04/17Bristol Swing Festival
19/02/17Sunday Swingout Social Dance
05/02/17The Big R Big Band & Silk Stockings
28/01/17The Big Winter Swing Time Ball
21/01/17The Big R Big Band (FREE) - at Slapstick Festival
23/09/16Bristol Swing Exchange 2016 at The Folk House
17/07/16Bristol Harbourside Festival, The Lousiana (outside)
02/07/16Jazz in the Paddock 2, Winscombe
17/06/16Big R Big Band Somerset Tor at Glastonbury Bocabar
17/04/16Sunday Swingout Social, Swindon
26/03/16Bristol Swing Festival, Trinity Centre
02/01/16Swing Dance Bristol new year swing and blues festival
05/12/15Big R Big Band Easton Invasion at All Hallows' Hall, BS5 0HH
20/09/15Clevedon Tides Festival
19/07/15Harbourside Swing Swing
17/05/15Sunday Southbank Swinging Sun
26/02/15Big R Big Band + WHIPLASH at The Cube
31/01/15Private event
23/01/15Big R Big Band at Slapstick Festival
20/07/14Bristol Harbourside Festival, at 5pm outside The Louisiana
28/06/14Winscombe Festival - "Jazz in the Paddock" at Winscombe Church, BS25 1DE
17/11/13The Big R Big Band return to Front Room, Totterdown
12/09/13Swing Dance Bristol presents the Big R Big Band at Southbank Club, Southville
03/07/13"The Jazz Age and on.." + The Great Gatsby at the Cube Microplex
02/03/13Bristol International Jazz & Blues Festival - Colston Hall
29/11/12The Big R Big Band return to the Cube
08/09/12Paul & Zoe's Wedding, Mell, Wiltshire
18/03/12Big R Big Band Homage to "The Artist" at the Cube Microplex
19/12/11East Bristol Jazz Club Xmas Jam @ The Greenbank, Easton, Bristol
27/11/11North Bristol Arts Trail @ St Barts Church, St Andrews, Bristol
19/11/11John Hegley & Friends @ The Thunderbolt, Totterdown, Bristol
10/07/11Park Arts 11 Festival @ St Andrews Park, Bristol
24/03/11Return of the BRBB + Take Away Orchestra @ Cube Microplex, Bristol
28/11/10North Bristol Arts Trail @ St Barts Church, St Andrews, Bristol
14/10/10Debut @ Cube Microplex, Bristol